Ron D, Huyton

"I had Refractive Lens Exchange in June 2015 in both eyes due to suffering from cataracts. After the initial consultation with Mr Chitkara the whole experience was very professional, sympathetic and reassuring. The procedure was pain free, no injections used, only drops used to anaesthetise my eyes. The operation performed by Mr Chitkara was excellent taking only around forty minutes for both eyes from the drops being put into my eyes to me being taken back to the day ward, for coffee and biscuits. The result was unbelievable, 20/20 vision, from being able to read very small print to seeing to the horizon, making all my glasses redundant. The aftercare service is excellent. I would highly recommend Mr Chitkara and his team to anyone requiring eye surgery."

Barbara A (Warrington)

"I knew that I had cataracts for a few years that needed attention, but due to fear and apprehension I delayed doing anything about it. I did lots of research and found out about Mr Chitkara and Viewpoint Vision. I made an appointment to see My Chitkara, who was very professional, knowledgeable and explained everything to me. I felt that I would be in very safe hands and decided to go ahead with Refractive Lens Exchange. I had the operation a month ago (February 2015). There was no pain, no injections and Mr Chitkara was very reassuring throughout the procedure. Mr Chitkara phoned me the day after operation to ask how I was and answered any questions I had. I also went for a check up a couple of days later. I have to say that having Refractive Lens Exchange has been the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life completely. At my one month check up today I now have 20/20 vision!!!! Everything is so much clearer and brighter. I would recommend Mr Chitkara without reservation. My only regret is that I didn't have the operation done sooner. Thankyou so much Mr Chitkara and Viewpoint Vision."

SF (Liverpool)

"I am 82 years of age and love driving so when I developed cataracts I contacted Viewpoint Vision. I was examined by Deepak Chitkara and given my options not to wear spectacles at all. I went for the operation on 16th of April. I was very, very nervous but the staff were great and helped me relax. The operation took around 20 minutes for both eyes and there was no pain or injections. When I went to the recovery room I was given refreshments but was more surprised to see everything in focus. I had worn glasses from the age of seven I could not believe it. I was back driving within 48 hours. I wish I could have had it done many years ago. Thanks Mr Deepak Chitkara and Team."

John McC

"I had surgery in April 2013. I had varifocal lenses and had needed glasses since the age of 8. Since developing cataracts I had researched procedures for lens replacement which could offer more than fixed distance correction. It was not a decision undertaken lightly and I can say that the care I received was excellent. It has taken me time to accustom to the bright headlights but my vision is very good and I no longer wear glasses even to thread needles at night. Good after care, treatment and pleased."