Mehdi M (Liverpool)

"This is very belated testimonial I have struggled to find adequate words to thank Mr Chitkara and his St Helens staff the miracle that have performed for me over the last 2 years. With keratoconus in my right eye for which I always thought I would need a cornea transplant in the future. The care and compassion I received is absolutely incredible. Words cannot begin to express how I feel thanks to the miracle surgeons who performed this surgery. About few years ago I realised how close I had to sit to the TV or focusing for a better, clearer look. So I went to tested my eyes at NHS hospital but they couldn’t tell me what was wrong with my eyes, only gave me glasses (with keratoconus shouldn’t gave me glasses!) and told me to come back a year later...

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Every year my eyes went worst I was worried I lose my eye sight if I didn’t do anything. I started research what could be my options. I made an appointment with one of the laser surgery firm, they straight away told me couldn’t do laser surgery because of my condition of my eye. I was angry why in the hospital never said what’s wrong with my eyes if they would say I wouldn’t waste almost 4 years of my life. I wanted the best treatment for my eyes so I researched again and I found Mr Chitkara from the first second he was really helpful, friendly. After the operation I had to cover both my eyes and had to use eye drops I had pain but was bearable. Mr Chitkara kept contact me even the next day after the operation he phoned me asked about how I felt. After the operation my sight was better, after a few days later of the operation I had my next check-up with Mr Chitkara where my eyes were unbelievably better than they were before. I am glad I made the biggest decision in my life wasn’t easy but Mr Chitkara supported me through that time. Can’t thank him enough time."

Sarah N (St Helens)

"I had worn glasses for a long as I can remember and got contact lenses when I turned 17 years of age. I have always hated wearing glasses and being a very active person with hobbies such as snowboarding, visiting theme parks and water parks, even wearing contact lenses was ‘getting me down’ as they always seemed to be in the way and prevented me enjoying my activities. I had considered laser eye surgery when I turned 20 years of age but at that point in my life I did not want to proceed. My sister in law had laser eye surgery in 2012. This motivated me to research t for myself. I now work in a nursery and often had problems with the children reaching for and pulling my glasses.

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I also found that I was wearing my contact lenses for more than 12 hours a day which started to cause some irritation to my eyes. My mother recommended Mr Chitkara at Viewpoint Vision. I made an appointment with him in August 2013 with a view to having laser eye surgery. When the consultation was over I was informed that I was not suitable to have laser treatment and that contact lens implants were recommended. I was heartbroken as I had accepted that I was going to have laser surgery and that my glasses and contact lenses were ‘going’. After much discussion with family and friends I decided that I needed to do something. My family agreed to help with the payment so I again spoke to Mr Chitkara and my contact lens implant surgery was scheduled for late October as this coincided with my holiday from nursery. On the day of the surgery I was apprehensive but the care from Mr Chitkara and the team was fantastic. During the surgery he was very reassuring and understanding putting me at ease. Mr Chitkara is so pleasant and easy to speak to. Nothing is too much for him. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. He makes sure that all doubts, concerns and questions are answered. Appointments were made to suit me which was really good as I did not need time off work. The aftercare has been excellent. I still have excellent aftercare and health checks on my eyes- all part of the package. I have been very satisfied with the treatment and benefits of having this surgery. I would highly recommend Mr Chitkara and his team. My only regret is not having it done sooner as it is one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you so much for the excellent service."

Holly R (London)

"I wanted to cry I was so happy!! I would like to say a huge Thank you to Dr Chitkara and his team for the treatment I received at Viewpoint. I had ICL surgery after being told I was not suitable for Laser surgery. Dr Chitkara explained everything fully and in a way I understood simply, the reasons behind not being about to have laser and the procedures of ICL. I am amazed by the results ICL has changed my life!! All the staff in St Helens are lovely and made me feel very reassured being in theatre although the procedure itself is very strange and a little uncomfortable it is not painful and I felt happy with the treatment...

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I could not believe that after about 15 minutes surgery time I could see!! I went in blind guided by staff and with my eyes all dropped up so it was big blur and quite scary but afterwards I could see the second hand on the clock on the wall ticking!! I wanted to cry I was so happy!! To anyone considering ICL or any other treatment with Dr Chitkara I would recommend him 100%, he is a lovely man, a brilliant ophthalmic surgeon, very professional and has changed my life! Amazing, I travelled from London to see Dr Chitkara as I had done a bit of research and he stood out as one of the best and I don’t believe you should compromise anything but the best for your eyes. I am now able to see better than 20:20 and think I even surprised Dr Chitkara when I had my check up 8 weeks later. I cannot thank Dr Chitkara enough. He is an amazing man and I received the best possible treatment."

Lucinda G (Newcastle –u-Tyne)

"After years of wearing glasses and contact lenses I began to suffer severely with dry eyes meaning wearing lenses was no longer an option. I was initially terrified at the prospect of surgery, but staff at St Helens Hospital who had previously had similar surgeries immediately put me at ease with their anecdotes and experiences. The procedure itself was uncomfortable and painful, but the results made it all worth it. I could see immediately and my vision improved day by day. Now, almost 1 year later my vision is better than it ever was with the aid of glasses and lenses. Waking up and being able to see in 20/20 vision without having to grope around for my glasses still amazes me today and I would recommend ICL surgery to anyone."

Jennifer P (London)

"I had ICL in March 2013 and my only regret is not doing it before then! The procedure was completely painless and so quick with immediate results. After being shortsighted for just over 30 years it was brilliant to wake up and be able to see without glasses or contact lens again! Now there’s no need to pack numerous packs of disposable contact lenses in a suitcase when going on holiday, no need to worry about blurred vision in a swimming pool or the sea or even have to think about putting in contact lenses when eyes are feeling tired – my eyes look so much brighter and healthier now. I would wholeheartedly recommend it without any hesitation!"

Fariha B

"Where do I start with my gratitude? As I sit here at the laptop, looking at the screen without the need for glasses or contacts, words fail me. Its been perhaps just over a month since I had my Implantable Contact lens therapy and still I am at awe over it all. Having the ICL surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. Obviously I had my doubts at first. Fear of the surgery itself let alone any possible aftermath was all consuming but once I was in the more capable and comforting hands of the team, I knew everything was going to be fine. The excitement is still lingering today! I have my eyes back so to speak. I wake up in the morning and its up-and-go. Coming home from work and I don’t have the tired dry eyes from continuous wear and tear of contacts. The convenience of it all reflects in the health of my eyes. Thanks will never be enough: not only for the surgery but for looking after me so well and all your kindness. To anyone having doubts, don’t. coming from a person who was not so long ago in your position, I can truly say I have never looked back. Its unbelievable the difference a tiny implantable lens can make. Thanks to Dr Chitkara and the team."

Terry C (Liverpool)

"I would like to thank Mr Chitkara and his team for making my ICL procedure a success. I am an electrical engineer and have to read schematic drawings and use many HMI screens so glasses weren’t really an option for me. The procedure was totally painless with no needles and carried out in a relaxing and stress free manner. From parking the care to leaving the hospital after the operation was only three and half hours approximately. The procedure restored both my near and far sight. If any one wants to know more information about my experience I would be happy for them to contact me by telephone."

Louis B, Bolton

"Having worn glasses from the age of three, being very short sighted with minus 10.5 in one eye and minus 10 in the other, my options were limited- risk damaging what remained of my sight through laser surgery or try a new procedure, implants. After researching what information was available on the internet, I contacted the Viewpoint clinic to arrange a consultation. I met with Mr. Chitkara and was informed about the procedure and given time to go away and think about having the operation done. Now nearly five years on, having my eye sight corrected and having fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a Police Officer, I can safely say that, I did not, have not and never will regret choosing to have the procedure done. Thanks again Deepak."

Wendy H - Bolton

"Fantastic! Had apprehension about op being completely successful. Nothing to worry about. Everyone was friendly, caring and professional. Do not need glasses at all. Thank you to everyone involved."

Rubena A

"Thank you so much for your hard work in treating my eyes, its made all the difference in the world not having to go through the trouble and stress of wearing contact lenses or losing and finding my glasses! I was very confident in your work and I am even happier that my eyes are fine even though I didn’t come and see you after the surgery, that shows how much confidence I had in you! I just hope my eyesight remains good for several years. I have an appointment in January and look forward to seeing your self and having a nice chat with Anne. Thank you again."

Ruth B (Dublin)

"I am over the moon with the results from my Implantable contact lenses (on my complicated eyes). I now have better than 20/20 vision. I was so upset when told two years ago that I was unsuitable for laser eye surgery. My only regret is not finding out about Viewpoint Vision sooner. Viewpoint Vision were unbelievably helpful before, during and after the operation. They worked around my flights to and from Dublin and arranged a taxi service when required. The service provided was over and above what I was expecting. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family who are interested in eye surgery."

Michelle S (N Ireland)

"I have been a patient of Mr Deepak Chitkara for several years now. Due to his knowledge and expertise he has given myself and my family a much better quality of life. He took my visual problems on when no-one else would. He is very professional and his aftercare is second to none. Myself and my family regard him a friend now as he has been a vey special person in our lives. I would recommend him to any one that would listen. I wish him well in the future."

Tanya C (York)

"I would like to thank you for my ‘new eyes’. It is just great to be able to see so well without the hassle of putting on glasses or contact lenses. I have a slight blur with lights at night but apart from that everything is fine. I feel like I have so much energy to do things its quite amazing. I just wish it could last longer than 10-15 years! Still technology could have changed enormously by then. Thanks once again I am so grateful."