Richard W

"Very pleased with the outcome of lens replacement (October 2015)- Thankful that I did not go through a high street outlet for laser treatment or lens replacement. The service provided was friendly, professional and efficient. The aftercare was also very good. I would recommend it to anyone who was in my position of having poor (short sighted) vision and increasing deterioration reading up close. My Thanks to Mr Chitkara and his team."

Kath T

"I had Lens Refraction Treatment on the 25.05.2016 and cannot believe the difference it has made to my vision. I had really poor sight prior to the operation and I could only see the first large letter on the eye test chart! I also had the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes. I was really nervous about the operation as I have an 'eye phobia' and couldn't even manage contact lenses. Deepak was very reassuring and the staff on the day ward at the hospital were great...

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The op is very quick (10 minutes each eye) and completely painless. I was able to drive by the afternoon of the next day and back in work on day 2 after the op, using my computer and writing reports! I really wish I'd had the surgery earlier as I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old and I'm sixty now. The follow up care is great too."

Maureen N - Widnes

"Having worn glasses for 25 years i was recommended Viewpoint by two work colleagues who had lens implants. As my eyes were never suitable for laser i was interested in the lens implants. I was confident with Mr Chitkara after the consultation and two weeks later i had the procedure. The follow up care from the operation was excellent by Mr Chitkara. Its great not to have to put glasses on, putting makeup on, driving, distance, reading. I highly recommend Mr Chitkara for his professionalism and care."

Sarah P (Urmston Manchester)

"I underwent Lens Replacement Surgery under the care of Mr Chitkara In September 2014 and I am absolutely delighted with the result and the care that I received throughout the process. Everything was thoroughly explained with realistic and honest expectations. The procedure was painless, only experiencing minor discomfort in the hours following surgery requiring nothing more than simple pain relief. I work as a nurse in the NHS and was back to work and driving within two days of the procedure. I have been regularly followed up and examined following my surgery and was discharged at 6 months with 20/20 vision. I would highly recommended this procure and the care given by Mr Chitkara and his team at Viewpoint was of the highest standard. Thank you"

Kath S (Prescot)

"I had replacement lenses fitted in January this year (2015). Fantastic,one of the best decisions I've ever made, wish I could have afforded it years ago. I can now apply eyeliner etc without nearly poking my eyes out or spend twice the time having to wipe it off having missed my aim! I have finally caught up with all sewing jobs as I can now thread even the tiniest needle, might even get the sewing machine out from the hidden depths of the understairs cupboard...

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I can read even the tiniest writing so the page turner on my Ereader won't wear out as I can have more words per page and I can see in the distance too. I tried wearing contact lenses recently but I either couldn't get them in without dropping them or get them out very easily. I then went to a laser eye clinic but was ill advised (said I needed monovision procedure as I had high astigmatism) in all the years of eye tests (from early 30s, I'll be 59 on 26/7) no optician has ever mentioned I had this problem. Deepak said it's so slight it's not worth mentioning, plus if I had gone for this procedure I would have had to have it done again in 4 or 5 years time due to my age ( also one of the machines broke down 3 times which didn't instil me with confidence). Even though the replacement lens surgery was more expensive it will be more economical and I'll never get cataracts, also I liked the fact that Deepak told me one price, no messing about with special offers etc. or going to big boss then bigger boss to negotiate a cheaper price. When making such a momentous decision regarding your sight its not just about the cost! I only dealt with Deepak from start to finish, he even phoned me to check up on me and he was available 24/7 if I had any concerns. He was wonderful and he's changed my life, would wholeheartedly recommend him!"

Steve Rodgers Manchester

"I first had my eyes lasered in 1997 by Dr Chitkara and the procedure was very successful, my vision being first class . At the time Dr Chitkara explained that my eyesight would deteriorate again after about 10 years. In fact my eyes were fine for nearly 15 years. I managed to get back in contact with Dr Chikara in 2015, nearly 18 years after my first procedure to see if I could have laser surgery once again. After a consultation Refractive eye surgery was recommended as this would be a PERMANENT solution. The procedure was simple and painless and I am pleased to say I now have great vision and am delighted with the result. I can't thank Dr Chitkara enough for his excellent care and skill."

Penny A

"As a long time contact lens wearer (over 30 years) I was keen to identify a more permanent solution for good eyesight without specs. I went to Viewpoint vision and received very clear advice and information about what would be right for me and details of the procedure. I underwent refractive lens exchange; the procedure on each eye was quick and painless and I felt in very safe hands. Within a few days I was driving and then back at work as normal. My eyesight is extremely good now for both distance and reading. I am delighted with the outcome and the friendly, helpful and highly professional service I received throughout the process. I can also enjoy leisure interests even more which include yoga, running and swimming."

Anne O’C (Wirral)

My Wife and I both had (Intra Ocular Implants Refractive Surgery) just over 1 year ago, Mr Chitkara and his team did a great job very professional from start to finish. Money well spent sorry we never had it done sooner. My Wife and I would like to thank Mr. Chitkara and his team for making our life 100% per-cent Better now that we do not need to use reading classes and contact Lens anymore, Briilliant...

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I was recommended to Deepak by a top eye surgeon who said, "Deepak is excellent in all procedures and highly knowledgeable in both research and latest developments in ophthalmic surgery". From the very first consultation I felt secure in my decision to go ahead with the lens exchange. I was very short sighted -5.25 and -3.50. With the lens exchange procedure, enabled me to have sight without glasses for distance and reading. Like any procedure, as you get older, I am 63, it can take time to get excellent vision. Deepak reassures you, and explains everything. I am more than happy to share my experience with any new candidates for the surgery. The aftercare I received was again excellent. I will also be thankful for Deepak giving me excellent vision."

Roy A

"…wow! what a great result! 34 years with spectacles and now 20:20 vision! AND given up smoking to boot! Well worth it!"

Susan R (Cheshire)

"Brilliant treatment from start to finish. I would recommend this doctor 100% to anyone. Brilliant eyesight."

Colin and Chris N

"We would like to say how much we appreciated the care and consideration you have shown to us over the past few months. We both had refractive lens implants this has freed us both from wearing spectacles, we can now go out and buy ‘nice sun glasses’, instead of prescription spectacles this is so refreshing not to be having to wear specs all the time. We can now see what the time is first thing in the morning without searching for and groping aimlessly for specs on bedside table, ha ha!

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When we visited your clinic in St Helens and Southport we were always treated with such respect and courtesy, your team is fantastic and e appreciate this as I (Chris) was extremely nervous of the procedure and you reassured me. Colin was not nervous at all was completely confident in everything that was done. You were reassuring and patient with both of us. It did take longer than we thought due to choice and circumstances all of which was overcome eventually, considering that Colin has Macular Degeneration he is extremely pleased with the results. On the negative side of things we both suffer from slight glare problems. In Colin’s case this is due to other circumstances but we find wearing sunglasses in bright sunlight helps. We would like to say a big thank you to you and your team and wish you all the very best."

John M (Wigan)

"I had refractive lens exchange in June 2013. I was very long sighted and had to wear glasses for reading and close work I needed to do. I was always misplacing my glasses and found it very frustrating. So I decided to look into different eye ops. Refractive lens exchange seemed to be my best option. I was apprehensive about the op as your eyes are very precious part of your life. No need to have worried no injections just a few drops in each eye. I felt no pain whatsoever during the op after the op and now I have discarded my glasses. Can see clearly to drive and even to read small print again. I would definitely recommend the op to any one."

John S

"I am 60 years old and have been increasingly myopic since early teens, now with around -­‐6D in one eye and -­‐4D in the other. Presbyopia (“old-­‐age far-­‐sightedness”) had advanced to the extent that I had to constantly swap glasses, since my lifestyle required good vision for distant, medium and close distances at different times...

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Also, the fact that my right and left eyes differed meant that I could not buy non-­‐prescription reading glasses for close work. Having researched on the web several months beforehand, I had a reasonably good idea of what surgical options were available, and had decided to opt for a “premium lens” of one form or another. After discussion with the specialist (Mr. Chitkara), it was decided that a dual-­‐focus Human Optics lens replacement (RLE) would best fit my lifestyle. The factors that were most important for me were 1) Having a stable near-­‐ and far-­‐vision for the remainder of my life 2) Good enough vision for driving and reading without glasses and 3) Being able to buy off-­‐the-­‐ shelf reading glasses to provide differing degrees of close-­‐up focus. The operation itself was without mishap. The most challenging part was getting accustomed to the very intense illumination that was required for the surgeon to work through his microscope. Even though my eyeballs themselves were anaesthetized, the eyelids had a mind of their own and I did struggle for a minute or so until I could keep them open while at the same time not tensing my neck and face. However the surgeon (Mr Chitkara) acted understandingly and calmed me with a jovial remark. Directly after the operation, I am glad that a friend could “hold my hand” whilst travelling back to my residence. It was impossible to do things like reading bus numbers and using my mobile phone until the afternoon of the following day. On the second day after the operation I could manage those actions without too much difficulty. For about a week I wore sunglasses for most of the day (a tip: buy some beforehand!) and used the shields provided by the hospital when sleeping. I soon purchased some industrial protective glasses that I now use whenever I do any kind of DIY or other work that could potentially involve particles or objects getting in my eyes. Having worn glasses for over 40 years has meant that I had always taken that protection for granted. The lenses themselves perform as well as I expected. I was prepared for the trade-­‐offs that are inherent when having two focal points in one lens. These tradeoffs are the reason why it is necessary for Viewpoint (via the questionnaires) to formally record that each patient’s expectations are in line with what is physically possible with the chosen procedure. Daytime, there is a certain amount of haloing from bright lights such as headlamps, and noticeably reduced contrast compared with before the operation. In all fairness, this haloing is less than what I experienced at night with contact lenses many years ago. In low-­‐light conditions, the near focus is hardly functional, so bedtime reading requires moderate lighting. Both these effects are a small price to pay for the huge benefits I gained from the RLEs. One tradeoff that I was less prepared for was the rapid defocussing that occurs just outside the near focus (i.e. further than 40cm away). This makes it difficult to use a computer monitor that normally is around 60-­‐70 cm away. However, the only situation when I use such an external screen (rather than a laptop) is in my office. I therefore bought a pair of cheap 1.5D “reading glasses” to have there (and also a pair in my travelling bag in case I’m on a business trip). These give me a far focus at around 65 cm, which is perfect. One interesting point that I have not seen mentioned previously in any peer reviews or medical papers, is the added advantage of reading glasses for close-­‐up work when you have a multi-­‐ focal lens. The fact that I always have two focal points means that with my 1.5D glasses I can both look at a computer monitor (65cm away) and also do close-­‐up hobby work (25cm). And since hobby work often necessitates eye protection, I need to have glasses (of some kind) on anyway during that time! I’d like to pass on to other patients some advice on buying beforehand a couple of things they may need (like me): Firstly, since my eyes became much more sensitive to bright light I needed to quickly buy a couple of pairs of sunglasses (one very dark, one less “extreme”). Secondly, my eyes get irritated and itchy after sitting still (in front of a computer or book); lubricating eye drops available at the chemist alleviates this.

The softer (human) side of things

Before choosing the clinic that I would entrust with my eye operation, I sent the same initial enquiry letter to two UK clinics. One was Viewpoint, since I had found out that Mr. Chitkara was one of the eye specialists in Europe having the longest documented experience of premium lens RLE surgery. The other was a large well-­‐advertised clinic in the South of England. My letter outlined the present state and challenges of my vision, mentioned an RLE product that I had read about, and asked for initial contact with a view to subsequently booking a consultation. Within hours of receiving my letter, Mr. Chitkara phoned me. He took time to follow my trains of thought regarding RLE products that I had read about, and then outlined some of his own experiences in that context. After the 20 minutes or so that the call took, I felt I had received an impartial and well-­‐balanced reply to my major questions and concerns. One particular detail that I found compelling was that the cost of the operation included any post-­‐operative correction that might be necessary. From the other clinic, I received a generic email reply after a day or two. By “generic” I mean a standard reply that was probably sent to hundreds of prospective clients each week. I called and asked to speak to a specialist, and was told that this was not possible since their specialists were too busy with operations and medical conferences. I was required to book a consultation, however they were pleased to be able to post me a large assortment of brochures and price lists. I did note that the price in most cases did not include any follow-­‐up work. On the basis of these two responses, I chose Viewpoint after some pondering. The feedback from them continued in the same spirit as it started – impartial and respectful. I am a direct and pragmatic person by nature, and I found Mr Chitkara to be of a similar nature. This speeded up our mutual decision process with regard to the exact choice of treatment, and at the same time maintained my high confidence during the ongoing “journey to better sight” (to use Mr. Chitkara’s analogy). Now, two months after treatment and with the hindsight of my experiences, I would like to express my hearty appreciation of the quality and professionalism that was offered to me by Viewpoint."

John M (Wigan)

"Much better now I don’t have to wear Glasses. Pain free operation and good aftercare."

Ellen M

"I had refractive lens exchange. I never thought I would be brave enough- but I need not have worried. It was a very professional , efficient and reassuring experience. The surgery was pain free, with no injections. The results are outstanding. To be free of glasses and contact lenses is a relief. I’m very pleased. Thank you so much."

John M

"I had refractive lens Exchange in June 2013. I was very long sighted and had to wear reading glasses and nay close work I needed to do I was always misplacing my glasses and found it very frustrating. So I needed to look into different eye ops. Refractive Lens Exchnage seemed to be my best option. I was apprehensive about the op as your eyes are very precious part of your life. No need to have worried no injections just a few drops in each eye. I felt no pain whatsoever during or after the op and now I have discarded my glasses. Can see clearly to drive and even read small print again. I would definitely recommend the op to anyone."

Susan C (Doncaster)

"Excellent service – Highly recommended"

Suasan R

"Brilliant treatment from start to finish. I would recommend this doctor 100% to anyone. Brilliant eye sight."