Viewpoint Vision has established a fantastic reputation as one of the pioneering centres for refractive surgery. If you’re in need of eye surgery, you should highly consider Viewpoint Vision as your clinic of choice.

Did you know Viewpoint Vision were one of the first clinics in the UK to offer implantable contact lenses and accommodative lenses? And with Mr Deepak Chitkara, one of the leading experts in refractive eye surgery in the UK and internationally, Viewpoint Vision has an enviable reputation and expertise.

The Clinic

The Viewpoint Vision clinic has fantastic facilities; the screening programme is highly comprehensive and only sophisticated, expert instruments are available. The team at Viewpoint will fully explain the benefits and risks involved in any procedure or treatment you are suitable for and interested in.


Viewpoint Vision can offer private medical consultations to all patients. Surgeons at Viewpoint Vision are experts in all forms of corrective surgery, meaning you can ask any questions necessary and be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be looked after by a consultant eye surgeon from start to finish.


Whilst corrective eye surgery is worth every penny, it doesn’t come cheap. Viewpoint Vision can provide the most advanced of corrective eye surgery treatments with the highest standard of safety; all of which comes at an affordable price. Patients are advised of the total cost of their procedure prior to surgery, so they can relax knowing there are no further fees.

Always on Call

Viewpoint Vision have a clinical team who are always on call for advice; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you have a general question or are experiencing problems, the clinical team and surgeons will be able to help you at any time. A comprehensive aftercare programme will also ensure you have continued care and understanding even after treatment.

Care Quality Commission

The Viewpoint Vision facilities are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and offer quality assured services to all customers. All patients at Viewpoint Vision are treated as individuals and are given personalised, bespoke treatment plans that have been uniquely tailored to their requirements and situations.


Viewpoint Vision are happy to take care of travel arrangements for patients in need of hospital accommodation and transport. For patients who are living outside of the UK, Viewpoint Vision can offer flight transport, ground transport and hotel accommodation for all budgets.

Viewpoint Vision is the perfect clinic choice for a whole range of reasons and is located in the Allen Day Unit of St Helens Hospital, Merseyside.

For more information on how Viewpoint Vision can help you or to simply contact a member of the team, call 01744 646 643 or fill out the online contact form today.