Reading Vision

Reading Vision Correction

Correction of Reading Vision (Presbyopia)

Tired of having half a dozen pairs of reading glasses scattered around the house?

If you need reading glasses, it may be because you have Presbyopia- an eye condition that affects everyone as they get older. With presbyopia, it becomes difficult to see things up close.

Say Goodbye to reading glasses and say hello to corneal implant surgery. Viewpoint is the only Clinic in the North to offer a safe, painless and permanent way to correct your near vision with corneal inlay and/or Refractive Lens Exchange with Advanced Implants.

For patients who are presbyopic (aged over 45-50 years), corneal Inlays and/or Refractive Lens Exchange with advanced lens implants are revolutionary breakthroughs.

Viewpoint is proud to be able to offer:

- State-of-the-art treatment at affordable prices while achieving Clinical Excellence

- Highly qualified and experienced eye surgeons with over 20 years’ experience in vision correction

- All options for your vision correction fully explained including LASIK, LASEK/PRK, Intralase or Femtosecond and implant procedures

- All Laser LASIK and Wavefront guided technology

- Fully comprehensive after care programme following your surgery

- Fixed, all-inclusive prices regardless of your prescription, starting from £945 per eye

Corneal Inlays

The natural Choice for Improving Near Vision.

Corneal inlays restores youthful near vision to reduce your dependency on reading glasses permanently. It is a clear, tiny inlay that is gently placed beneath the surface of the eye. It is a natural and innovative way to correct reading vision.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a naturally occurring process that comes with aging and affects millions of people every day. The onset of presbyopia is noticeable when you need to hold books, menus and other prints at arm’s length in order to read them. The first signs of presbyopia are usually noticed between the ages of 40-50 years

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